Nano Silver Conductive Ink
Nano silver conductive ink with good nozzle compatibility, high solid content, low viscosity, uniform dispersion and high stability.
Nano Silver Conductive Ink(HT)
Applicable to various high temperature substrates, ceramics, glass, conductive glass, quartz, silicon nitride and other bases. Requires high temperature curing 500 ~ 600 degrees
Etch-resist Mask Ink
BroadElex ER310
The anti-etching ink developed for inkjet printing forms an etching mask through inkjet printing. It has strong bonding with the copper clad film and good anti-corrosion performance.
Etch-resist Mask Ink (LV)
BroadElex ER210-LV
An anti-etching ink designed for low-viscosity printheads, suitable for low-viscosity printheads such as Epson series, G5i, Samba and Kyocera.
Insulation Structural Ink
BroadElex DE200
Suitable for integrated molding of multi-layer printed circuit boards, and serves as an insulating layer between the printed substrate and the circuit. High temperature resistance, good insulation, and good matching with conductive ink.
Conductive Polymer Ink (Inkjet)

A transparent conductive inkjet ink based on conductive PEDOT:PSS polymer. It can be used in new flexible displays, high-performance capacitors, capacitive touch panels, antistatic and conductive protection and shielding layers, and other fields.

PCBA Encapsulation Ink
Used for PCBA surface circuit and component protection; UV photosensitive ink, low shrinkage, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong bonding with green oil layer, no shedding, compatible with various industrial nozzles. Stable printing, good fluency, no ink flying.