Multilayer electronic circuit inkjet 3D prototyping system P2-3DEE
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Based on nano-conductive ink, it has high silver content, low viscosity, high stability, and based on high temperature resistance insulating structure ink, combined with fast photon curing solution, it forms multi-layer electronic circuits through continuous digital inkjet deposition, with multi-file import and multi-circuit file continuous printing functions. It greatly shortens the sample production time and product development cycle, breaks the shackles of traditional circuit design, and has broad application prospects in aerospace, national defense and military industry, health care, automotive industry, semiconductors, industrial circuits and other fields.
● Preparation of multi-layer, special-shaped, and complex structure circuit boards ● "One-click" multi-layer continuous printing ● Printing and sintering integration ● In-situ photon sintering ● Support CCD alignment overprinting ● Multi-layer Gerber circuit file input ● Import of slice files such as stl/3mf/obj/3ds ● Edge thinning function to balance ink diffusion ● Automatic moisturizing and cleaning system ● Thermal management system such as sintering and nozzle temperature control
Inkjet electronic materials and equipment overall solution
Electronics and Circuits Inkjet Printer
BroadTeko DP800
Used for printing circuits on various substrates Independent 4 nozzles, open ink path, support multi-material printing 3pl small ink droplets, controllable ink volume, open waveform
Added CCD visual alignment overprinting function, which can be used for stacked printing, double-sided printing, and directional printing of existing devices; Added support for 3D slice printing function, which can realize the printing of special-shaped structure circuits; Open ink path system, more electronic ink options, support for printing and preparation of flexible electronic devices and microelectronic devices.
Electronic Circuit 3D Direct Writing Printer
BroadTeko DW200
Direct writing circuit line width ~ 0.1mm
Full visual function, automatic laser height measurement Direct writing of circuits on curved and irregular 3D surfaces Direct drawing on the software interface, immediate results Any trajectory line, straight line, arc, irregular curve, polygon, circle, etc.; support direct import of CAD trajectory Equipped with special nano silver conductive ink
Optical and Electronic Material Industrial Inkjet Workstation
IWS 3500Ultra
IWS 3500Ultra is a high-precision industrial inkjet printing platform for optoelectronic materials, capable of precise deposition and patterning of optoelectronic functional inks and precise alignment between multiple layers.
Multi-material Inkjet 3D Printer
BroadTeko inkjetX-150

Supports 3D file slice printing such as stl, 3mf, obj and 3DS; Printing height 100mm Printing size 150mm*150mm Supports light-curing materials, free radical curing, cationic curing and other systems